Visitor Attractions Database

The UK Visitor Attractions Database created by Leisure Lists is a high quality list of tourist and visitor attractions with at least 25,000 visits per annum. Visitor attractions range from historic houses to theme parks, from country parks to National Trust properties and steam railways.

Our visitor attraction data is telephone researched every six months to ensure its accuracy and to generate maximum response. A variety of different decision makers are available including chief executive as well as managers responsible for operations, facilities, marketing, purchasing, catering, grounds and gardens and equipment.

This list of UK visitor attractions can be selected by region as well as by type including amusements, gardens, historic houses, museums & art galleries, theme parks, zoos, country parks and aquaria. Data can also be selected by size based on annual admissions.
Data is available for rental either for a one time use or on licence for unlimited use over twelve months including updates if required for mailing, email broadcasting or telemarketing purposes or a combination of all three.

Positioned as “best in class” for quality and the lists comprehensive coverage of the UK visitor and tourist attractions market, data from Leisure Lists is supported by the UK’s most generous guarantee for added peace of mind. For mailing and telephone data, any inaccuracy reported within six weeks of supply will be entitled to a £1 refund per incorrect record – nearly five times the rental price. For email data, we will re-verify any hard bounces experienced after each and every broadcast. These are the best data quality guarantees offered by any leisure data supplier.

Visitor Attractions Database from Leisure Lists – the best UK tourist attractions directory available.

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