Other Marketing Services

As well as providing the highest quality marketing data  for a wide variety of leisure market sectors, we pride ourselves on offering a range of additional services to assist you in your marketing activities. Our services include Email Broadcasting, Telemarketing, Leisure Consultancy, Mailing and Data Analysis. Targeted at companies new to the area of marketing or without a dedicated marketing department, these additional marketing services can provide cost effective extra support as well as the benefit of our extensive marketing experience.

Email Broadcasting

Our leisure mailing lists email data is available for you to rent either on a single use or an annual lease basis. However, if you would prefer not to have the hassle of implementing campaigns, we’re able to undertake that for you. Our service comes with full reporting as part of our standard package and we can even assist with the creation of the design itself if required…..find out more about our email broadcasting services.


As a standalone marketing strategy or used in conjunction with other direct marketing activity, Telemarketing can reap great rewards. We can help you to create telemarketing campaigns encompassing quality rather than quantity which can then supply a continuous and increasing raft of well qualified sales leads for your sales team to convert……..find out more about our Telemarketing services.

Leisure Consultancy

If your company does not have a dedicated marketing team or occasionally needs some extra support for that next big marketing push, Leisure Lists can help. Our extensive marketing experience makes us ideal to step in and lend a hand for what could be your first big marketing campaign or perhaps for regular product launch activity that stretches your resources to the limit…….find out more about our  Leisure Consultancy services.


Whatever your mailing needs, we can point you in the right direction whether it’s for complex hand packing or an automated mailing using envelopes or film. Whatever the solution, your mailing will be packed on time and exactly to your specification at very competitive rates. …….find out more about our Mailing services and postal savings.

Data Analysis

Whether it’s de-duping data sets to ensure only one mailing is sent, appending telephone numbers, screening for various preference services to comply with the data protection law or a host of other database tasks, we have the IT experience to ensure such work is carried out efficiently and cost effectively with any leisure data we provide…..find out more about our Data Analysis services.

If you would like to know more about our additional marketing services or would like more information about Leisure Lists marketing data, please contact us.