MailingOnce you have identified the best leisure data it needs to be mailed out. Doing it yourself is sometimes an option but rarely is it the best use of resource and you’ll also probably miss out on significant postal savings.

Whatever your mailing needs, we can point you in the right direction whether it’s for complex hand packing or an automated mailing using envelopes or film. Whatever the solution, your mailing will be packed on time and exactly to your specification at very competitive rates.

Substantial Savings on Postage

And we’re also able to advise on the most economical postal provider. Postage is always a major part of your total campaign cost but our extensive experience does mean that we are able to cut through the myriad of postal providers and save clients substantial sums on their postage costs. In some instances, we’re even able to show savings that are considerably more than our packing charge – a win, win situation all round!