Local Government Leisure Spend

Local Government Spending

– In recent years not a day has gone by without the media featuring the latest local government cut backs, but it’s a mistake to believe that the public sector isn’t investing in leisure. Spend levels may be 20-30% down from their peak, but they still represent a major market for suppliers to the UK leisure market. As an added bonus, with less marketing activity to this sector, it’s easier to be noticed.

Leisure Lists understands the complex buying patterns in this market and offers three comprehensive sectors – one covering the Sport & Leisure indoor leisure market, another covering parks and gardens including playing fields and children’s play,  and a smaller list covering central services such as chief executives and central purchasing. The main lists contain ten different decision makers for precise targeting and an improved response.

Data is available for mailing, telemarketing and emailing with a near 100% availability of personal emails. Leisure Lists’ market leading guarantee is also available – £1 refund per record for any inaccuracy in mailing and telemarketing data,  and any hard bounced emails re-verified after each broadcast, ensuring your data remains as accurate as possible to maximise response levels.

For further information on Leisure Lists market leading data contact us today.

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