About Us

Leisure Mailing ListFor over thirty years John Turner has specialised in providing marketing services to the UK leisure industry, initially producing definitive trade directories covering the health & fitness, leisure centre, swimming pool and outdoor amenity markets. In 1992 the publishing activity was sold and John Turner Direct Marketing was created to provide data, mailing, data analysis and telemarketing services, initially  to the leisure market and more recently to UK businesses in general.

In 2009, John Turner Direct Marketing became part of the larger Precision Direct Marketing group of companies whilst John Turner retained ownership of the leisure data. From June 2010, John Turner Leisure Marketing Ltd was formed, and John Turner reverted back to his roots in order to concentrate on further developing the range of leisure mailing lists under the Leisure Lists brand. However, close connections with The Precision Marketing Group remain – Precision will continue to sell leisure data and Leisure Lists will pass mailing and telemarketing projects through Precision.

By concentrating on Leisure Lists as a leisure data supplier, we aim to expand the range of leisure data and leisure mailing lists on offer and help our clients maximise return on their marketing investment by providing a very focused and personal marketing consultancy service.

If you would like to know more about our leisure email or mailing lists or would like more information about Leisure Lists please contact us.