Our mission is simple – to provide the best value for money leisure data available anywhere in the UK with a pricing policy that offers the following:

Competitive prices based on volume: we have a cost structure which reduces based on the number of records taken.

The best guarantee: the integrity of your data is crucial to a successful direct marketing strategy. As data changes 25-30% per annum, we telephone research all our data every six months on a rolling basis. We also offer the industry’s most generous guarantee – £1 refund per record for any inaccuracy reported within six weeks of supply of our mailing data (nearly five times the rental price but you won’t get rich!). For email data, we will re-verify and supply back to you any hard bounces after each broadcast within the cost of our service, so ensuring that you have the cleanest possible data available in order to generate leads.

Stage payment plans: recognising that times are tough, if required, we offer a stage payment plan for all data taken on an annual lease basis, spreading your costs over four equal instalments. This means that not only is your marketing investment spread but subsequent instalments are usually financed out of new business generated.

Extensive profile information: unlike some list owners, all our lists come with extensive profile information, allowing you to drill down to the exact market you require, resulting in minimal wastage, smaller numbers but maximum response invariably at a lower cost.

If you would like to know more about our leisure mailing lists or would like more information about Leisure Lists in general please contact us.